Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How HOT Can it Get??!!

Oh my goodness! HOW HOT CAN IT GET?? I always thought TEXAS was closer to heaven than the rest of the world but.....I don't know...this month, I am beginning to think maybe we are closer to the other place!! heehee

(here's the readout from the Jeep!)

This heat makes it difficult to do anything outside unless.....you have one of these neat little babies!!

The Little Missy is away at camp.....Hurry home kiddo soooo we can swim!

(pic from last summer...no! I didn't color my hair again!)

Project Update:
Here's the latest bracelet line I have been toying with. They are all wonderful scriptures and verses surrounded by 40-50 year old vintage pearl buttons. Hey just thought about it....pearls and scriptures....Pearls of wisdom, heh? Here's my favorite one so far:

I couldn't get a good picture...pooey! The scripture on this bracelet is Psalm 31:1 "In You oh Lord, I put my trust" In Proverbs the bible talks about remembering the God-given things our parents taught us. It says we should keep them written on our heart and tie them about our neck! Ha! guess we could literally translate that to a necklace?? how about a bracelet? No, seriously the point of that scripture is to continually keep these good instructions in front of us! It goes on to say in a later verse that these very same instructions will lead us and keep us in our sleep. I like that! I'm telling you guys....these have been a hard few months of RE finding myself! (just proofreading and it hit me....refresh, repurpose, recycle, re-love!! ha! who would have known this would mean ME!! and not my house!!) I couldn't have remained in one piece with sanity intact without encouragement from my walk with my Daddy GOD!! Sometimes we have to go through some things to truly feel the depths of HIS love!
Love you guys!!


Anonymous said...

I am completely loving that bracelet.
It is so speaking to me!!

Blessed Mama said...
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Blessed Mama said...

Okay, deleted the last post because I didn't double check my wording & I sounded derranged...what I wanted to say was that it was so flippin' hot yesterday, that I sported the frisbee-sized sweat spot on the lower back portion of my cute little aqua shirt. Now that is soooo NOT hot and made my cute little aqua shirt not so cute afterall. I feel your pain!

FlipFlop Mom said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bracelet!!! it's GORGEOUS!!!!
Being in NH our weather has been MILD.. rainy.. yet on sunny days it's beautiful... no higher than 75.. summer has been comfortable..

Blessed Mama said...

Okay girl, have you completely melted away? Miss you!
BTW, I am having a giveaway for my 100th post! Come on by if you can peel yourself off of your car's seat. :) HA!

Anonymous said...

I miss your posts on here. :(