Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

WOW! Please forgive me for the HUMONGOUS gap in my blogging!! I am afraid the holidays and all of the hustle and bustle have kept me busier than I intended!! Not to mention the new toy that the hubs got me has become my obsession!! I have been playing a lot!! and can hardly wait to show you guys the pics of the aprons for our New Years Day Tamale Making Party!!!

I hope santa brought you every little thing your heart desires! I know the Hubs did REAL good this year!! He bought me pj's, a robe, a red teapot....squeals were heard when that one was opened!!, a watch, a coat and yes the sewing machine!! WOW! I think I am one SPOILED woman!!

Lotsa Love, Hugs and Best Wishes for the New Year!!

ps...resolutions this year?? YES-I always do.... or NO-why bother I'll break them all??.....just wonderin'

Monday, December 22, 2008

My New Toy!

Christmas came early!!! The hubs bought me a new SEWING MACHINE!!! (soooo now I don't have to fight the other one!! yay!) I stayed up late last night figuring it all out and it works....I mean it REALLY works!! No fighting, no cussing, no throwing projects on the floor, no hissy fits.....Nothing!! I just turn the little knobs and VOILA! It does it!! Soooo....for the seamstresses in the bunch....I really need some easy projects to get me started. Send me some links to your favorite stuff!! and in the meantime I will figure out how to use all of the bells and whistles!

Here's a pic of the new toy!

I may never get the wrapping done now!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

In My "Happy Place"

I'm sitting in the comfy chair watching Christmas Vacation (my all time FAV Christmas Movie) The squirrel just jumped out of the Christmas Tree and everyone is screaming! Clark (aka Sparky) is about to "go in" to save the other family members from the squirrel!! I LOVE this movie! Everyone is gone, I'm here alone, there's tons of housework I "should" be doing and guess what....I don't care!!! I am taking a break!! No shopping, cleaning, wrapping, cooking or stressing about ANYTHING! Let me enjoy my 97 minutes of Clark Griswold and his antics!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just a Little Somethin' I Whipped Up!

I saw this idea at Mod Object at Home and absolutely HAD to try it!!!
I mean the words of "NO SEW" ALWAYS make me stand up and take notice!!

(no.....me and the ole' sewing machine still haven't worked out our differences and because of it's bad behavior it has been banished to the attic until I have the patience to once again battle with it!)

The first one is from an old pillow case. Don't look tooooo closely as I haven't finished the seam at the top....will do that tonight. What can I say...couldn't wait for "perfect" to show you guys or you might never see my projects. Ha!

The second one is cut from a vintage sheet I picked up at a garage sale this summer...I ended up with a whole stack of different vintage sheets for a quarter! Wahoooo!

again......I haven't finished the pocket and actually it's just hanging on with tape....this one will have to be hand stitched tonight!!

This stuff is amazing!! The only problem is I bought "lite" because it said it would work with delicate fabrics like ribbon, but it seems this morning that not all of my "seams" took! soooo.... I may have to go back and redo some of the seams... OH POO!!!

I had fun putting these vibrant colors together in the middle of winter!! I am thinking of giving these to the girls that come to my Tamale Making Party on New Years Day. I will need to make a few more ..... sooo....stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Everyone.....Meet MY Monica!

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to my friend....MONICA!!

.....and her partner in crime....the Robin to her batman....her mini sidekick.....MICHELLE!!

When I am with these two, somehow the VERY BEST in me comes out.....

well....of course there are always exceptions.........

They include me in family gatherings, like this one.....

They always make me laugh.......

and laugh.....

and laugh....

and roll on the floor laughing.....

and sometimes pee my pants laughing......

They are kinda like sisters to me.....except we don't fight!

sometimes....... just maybe....... I feel like there might be some sort of jealousy of my...... ehemm... how can I put it delicately ... endowment.....only because Monica keeps asking me where I bought these!! NO! Monica....they don't sell these at JC Penny! and certainly NOT on the clearance rack! jeeeez!

When we get together crazy things happen!!

Like man cleavage.....
(the faces have been cut out to protect the innocent!)

ooops maybe not ALL of the faces....

Please Monica....ALWAYS include me in your family gatherings!!!

Whose birthday is next?? Mine's in January!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Wreath for Monica??

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a great time this weekend hanging out with my buddy Monica and her family! We got together for a birthday party with Mexican food, Margaritas, and lots of laughs! (promise to show pics later....)
While hanging out at Moni's house I suggested the large mirror in her formal dining room would look sooo FAB with a wreath hanging on it! She emailed me this morning looking for advice on what type of wreath....soooo my search began! I found lots of ideas! Sooo....Monica this is for you!!

Noble and Eucalyptus Wreath from Martha Stewart Living

or this beautiful wreath from Nearly Naturals

How about getting your Recommended Daily Allowance of veggies in with this Brussel Sprout Wreath (from blomsterverkstad)

or maybe artichokes?? (also from Nearly Natural)

or yummy cranberries?? from The Wreath Depot??

or if that doesn't make you hungry how about the Herb Garden Wreath also from The Wreath Depot

ok...maybe that is taking it tooo far!
I love this one from Cottage Living

or one of my favs! This fur beauty from the Nester!

Maybe we could make one of these (from Sterling Wine Online)!! Moni!! Think of all the wine we would have to drink!!!

How bout this bright little number from Orchard Nursery

I'm lovin' this Pottery Barn square Bay Leaf Wreath!

OR....since I'm a rag/scrap crazy crafter....I'm sooooo diggin' this one from Lindamade...you can buy one on her Etsy shop!

or for the knitters in the house....

or very unique ideas for "recycled materials"....Wool Christmas Wreath

or this one made from plastic grocery bags

newspaper never looked sooooo good! (sorry....can't figure out where the heck I found this one!)

Look at this Betz White beauty!

And in parting I leave you with a few "different" takes on wreaths...

An excuse to drink more???

What about this bizarre little number....Created by Tami Cole

or something to do with all those leftover computer parts...

Seriously....Monica....I think the one you picked out is wonderful!! But it sure was fun finding all of these!!

Do you have a unique, funky, fabulous wreath?? If sooo....I want to see!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


What the heck is that white stuff all over my sweater??? Is it dandruff??? NOOO! It's SNOW!!

I know! right? It doesn't snow in Houston!!
Well....take a closer look....

It is definitely snow!!!

Of course the Little Missy had to get in on the picture taking!

For those of you who see snow all the time, you must be saying..."Crazy Texans! They act like they've never seen snow before!"

Well....Chron.com says:
The flurries tied a record for Houston's earliest snowfall ever and warmed the hearts of winter weather lovers who have pined for snow since it last made an appearance on Christmas Eve 2004.

PEOPLE!! It was 72 YESTERDAY! Gotta love Texas Weather!!

More Gulf Coast Snow Pictures for your viewing enjoyment.........
Check out this Baytown Snowman!

....and the smaller version from Houston!

....and the much smaller version, a little closer to home in Conroe!

Seems like everyone felt the need to write the date in snow...probably to show our children when we are old and gray. When we tell them tales of when it actually snowed on the Gulf Coast! ha!

This is one of my most FAV pictures!! This sexy snow lady is only 30 miles from the beach!!!

and these pics of a sweet little dachshund in Crosby, Texas!

all pics from Chron.com

For all the northerners who read my blog....thanks for indulging me in my giddy childlike adoration of one of the things you find so commonplace....but go...yes, go....enjoy the snow with the kids (and big kids) in your life!!