Monday, December 15, 2008

A Wreath for Monica??

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a great time this weekend hanging out with my buddy Monica and her family! We got together for a birthday party with Mexican food, Margaritas, and lots of laughs! (promise to show pics later....)
While hanging out at Moni's house I suggested the large mirror in her formal dining room would look sooo FAB with a wreath hanging on it! She emailed me this morning looking for advice on what type of wreath....soooo my search began! I found lots of ideas! Sooo....Monica this is for you!!

Noble and Eucalyptus Wreath from Martha Stewart Living

or this beautiful wreath from Nearly Naturals

How about getting your Recommended Daily Allowance of veggies in with this Brussel Sprout Wreath (from blomsterverkstad)

or maybe artichokes?? (also from Nearly Natural)

or yummy cranberries?? from The Wreath Depot??

or if that doesn't make you hungry how about the Herb Garden Wreath also from The Wreath Depot

ok...maybe that is taking it tooo far!
I love this one from Cottage Living

or one of my favs! This fur beauty from the Nester!

Maybe we could make one of these (from Sterling Wine Online)!! Moni!! Think of all the wine we would have to drink!!!

How bout this bright little number from Orchard Nursery

I'm lovin' this Pottery Barn square Bay Leaf Wreath!

OR....since I'm a rag/scrap crazy crafter....I'm sooooo diggin' this one from can buy one on her Etsy shop!

or for the knitters in the house....

or very unique ideas for "recycled materials"....Wool Christmas Wreath

or this one made from plastic grocery bags

newspaper never looked sooooo good! (sorry....can't figure out where the heck I found this one!)

Look at this Betz White beauty!

And in parting I leave you with a few "different" takes on wreaths...

An excuse to drink more???

What about this bizarre little number....Created by Tami Cole

or something to do with all those leftover computer parts...

Seriously....Monica....I think the one you picked out is wonderful!! But it sure was fun finding all of these!!

Do you have a unique, funky, fabulous wreath?? If sooo....I want to see!


Kristina P. said...

They are all so pretty! But I like the first Martha one the best!

mishebe said...

I was digging all those wreaths until i came upon the Barbie one. lol. You just gave your friend asome great ideas. mishelle

MFull said...

See I told you that you are the best!!
It is funny that the first one you posted is a Eucalyptus Wreath because I was just thinking that was the way I wanted to go. I love the square one from potter barn too!
Thank you so much, that gives me some good ideas and when I put it all into play I will get you some pics to post!

Elyse said...

what a fun compilation of wreaths! keep us posted on monica's choice!

bec said...

Those wreaths are so cool!!!

FlipFlop Mom said...

At my new job.. I could get you a ZILLION corks... I like the wreath.. gives me an idea... maybe make one for my boss... Ü