Friday, October 31, 2008

"How to" Grab my Button!

OK you guys!....I have tried and tried and tried and tried and tried to figure out the whole "Grab my Butt on" ...hahaha you thought I was going to say something else....naughty girls!!....Leave it to a mom blogger, OF COURSE to show us all how!! Check it out at Mommy's Idea.

ps you can grab my butt on on the sidebar on the right!! :)

Happy FALL-oween!

Cowardly Lion, originally uploaded by tracey.

My bestest buddy ....who left me all alone down here in Texas for far away lands called OREGON.....the same exact friend who thinks she is toooo busy for the whole "blog thingy"....sent me this picture of her precious son!! I am sooo in love with THIS Cowardly Lion!!!

Happy Fall Ya'll!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm soooo Squeelin Inside!

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOKIE what I found???? Do you know how hard it was for me to walk past this beauty at a recent garage sale...look around...act disinterested...and then nonchalantly say "how much do you want for that old light fixture over there"? LET ME TELL YOU GIRLS it took some SERIOUS self control!! When she said "oh...I'll take 5 bucks" I almost peed my pants! The price was right!! I wanted it!! But I showed even greater restraint as I dug in my pockets and pulled out only four ones and said, "Oh, darn I only have four dollars" which the garage sale lady replied "SOLD"! I was squealing inside! But I remained calm until I reached the jeep and then I may have let out a little squeaaal of delight!
Do you remember this post? Junkers Paradise

Well.........this plus this plus some of these
will eventually equal something similar to this!!!

or maybe this??

or this???

YAY! Mama's got a weekend project!! Can't wait to show you guys the results!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I am going to make my first attempt to change my template! geeez I'm kinda scared! If for any reason I loose anything important, I might cry!

Cross your fingers, sprinkle some blog pooka dust......and let's see what happens!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sometimes We JUST NEED TO BE quiet!

Something really struck me today....Sometimes I just need to be quiet!
This morning in the usual "morning routine", I let the dogs out (fence is STILL not repaired all the way-see post here about that!) and after putting out food and water on our enclosed back porch I yelled out those magical words that always make my pups come a runnin! CHEEEZ!!and TREAT!! The boys quickly appeared anxiously awaiting their cheez treat! But little mini missy, Lilly was no where to be found! I yelled.....I called.....I bribed "TREAT"...."CHEEEEZ" but no Lilly!!! I walked through the neighbors yard yelling her name....When all was said and done I spent over 45 minutes, crying, calling, yelling, bribing, driving in my car with the windows down in 43 degree weather with my head poked out the window calling for my lost baby!! And did I mention crying, calling my husband while sobbing, calling in "late" to work, wondering how in the heck am I gonna explain to the Little Missy that her baby is gone?? Yes.....sooooo much drama soooo early in the morning!!
Once I finally gave up and decided I HAD to get to work, I loaded my things in the car and took one last look around and then.....I heard it....little Lilly cries from under the house!!!! I had recently added more bricks to the front porch to keep those nasty racoons out from under our house and apparently Lilly was able to find a way in but couldn't find her way out!! All of my fretting, crying, screaming, calling.............Sometimes I just need to be quiet!

Powerful Lesson

Monday, October 27, 2008

One Day in MY Shoes!

My new found friend at Memoirs of a Southern Domestic Goddess tagged me sooo I need to let my readers "peak" into a day in my life!..guess I could have told you about one of the weekend days when I cleaned house or cooked a pot roast and made my self look a little bit better but....this is more of a "normal" day in the life of ME!!!

4:30 AM-The hubs is up getting ready for work soooooo surely that means it’s time for Harley to go potty, right?? That seems to be the misapprehension he is under!! (In case you are visiting here…Harley is my “other son” the 5 yr old terrier mix that sleeps between me and the hubby....Not that the hubs is particularly fond of this sleeping arrangement)!
5:00 AM-Hubby kisses my bye
5:30 AM-Justin Timberlake wakes me up! (Ringtone on my blackberry…hahaha)
6:00 AM-out the door to take the little missy to Dance Practice
6:30 AM-back home and only one hour to get ready for work! Feed the dogs, take the clothes out of the dryer, make my lunch….ooops didn’t get that one done…
7:40 AM-Out the door-ten minutes late! Eeeek!
7:50 AM-Call the hubs and wish him a “Happy Day”
8:02 AM-Late for work! I hate that!! Make the coffee and settle in to my desk for work!
8:00-12:00 PM Corporate Slave
12:00 Head off to lunch with my HUBBY! It was a 2 for $2.22 lunch!! (Very economical but not very nutritious!) ok…let me explain…2 hot dogs for $2.22 at the gas station, lift the hatch on the Jeep Cherokee and sit in the back for a picnic. I love seeing my sweetie in the middle of the day!
1:00-5:00 PM-more mind numbing corporate slavedom (JP-if you are reading ignore the negative reference to my work-it's artistic liberty to keep my readers interest, teehee!)
5:00 PM-pick up the little missy
5:30 PM-Dinner with the Little Missy-Sushi-yummy!

6:30 PM-Go to High School Play with the Little Missy!!
Play Sold Out :-[

No Extra Credit for the Little Missy...cuz somebody procrastinated till the last available day to get credit on this grading period! Pootie!
7:10 PM arrived home to internet not working! double pootie! OF COURSE the little Missy also HAD TO have the internet to do an online quiz guessed it was due tomorrow!
7:30 PM-headed to the local coffee shop to use wireless internet to get homework done!! and mom can blog while LM does homework!!

9:15-arrive home exhausted to find the hubs headed to bed…poor baby probably ate a cold sandwich or such….struggle with feelings of inadequacy in the homemaking, wife department, immediately scold self for such feelings…am distracted from such feelings by Harley’s extreme excitement over my arrival! It’s not just his tail that wags…I swear his butt wags too! Hahaha!

Makes me smile!-p.s. very hard to take a picture of a dog while it's wagging!!
10:00 PM-download pics from camera and then realize....duh! don't have am I gonna get those to the blog??-Thank the lord for memory sticks!-will upload at work tomorrow! (again JP if you are reading I AM working hard in here!!)
10:30 PM-Take a shower, get ready for bed, pull dirty clothes out of hamper spray downey wrinkle releaser on them and decide “this will do” for work tomorrow.
10:52 PM-Climb in bed and kiss the hubs g’night!
10:53 PM-Fell asleep as soon as head hits the pillow!!!
There you have it folks!! Anyone else have a more exciting life??

Friday, October 24, 2008

Recent Visitor Map

Ok, soooo I thought you guys might be as intrigued as I am to see where the recent visitors to my blog are coming from! I saw this on a blog called Archives of Our Lives and thought "why not?" soooo in true blog-copy-what-another-blogger-did form, Here is the map of my recent Visitors:

Peru, Brazil, Egypt, Israel, Bulgaria, France, UK, Japan, Spain, Turkey, Finland....seriously??? Someone comment me from far away lands!!! I would love that!!!

Garage Sale Decor

Ok Ladies!

I finally feel like I am coming back to life!! I have been sickee ickey for almost a solid week! So nice to rejoin the W.W.O.B.! (Wonderful World of Blogging!) My garage sale shopping last weekend (cut short by the onset of some strange illness that kicked my butt this week-read about it here) produced several of the decor items in the next few pics. What do you think about my new Romantic entry way??

Let me "break it down" for you;
The Lamp, lampshade, "Romance" sign, feather wreath, candle stick, gold flour de leis, and large black charger plates are all items I discovered (super duper cheap) this weekend! So cheap in fact the Hubs swears I gave him back the same amount of cash he left me for the garage sale! Haha! Not sure how that happened!??

What's funny is that as I look at these pictures....ALMOST everything in them is from a garage sale or thrift store! hahaha! Dang I'm cheap! The framed prints were picked up at a garage sale last year and the rectangle mirror also from the same garage sale! All of these frames were repainted black to match my office-These little puppies really get around. I think they have spent time in the bathroom (pre red/yellow/brown redo), in my office and now in the entry!
The large print in the middle of the wall is actually a water color of the Casa Medrona in Sausalito, California-Where me and the Hubs spent our honeymoon almost seven years ago!! (How do you spell ROMANCE?? Casa Medrona!!)

Remember the headboard that I picked up for five stinkin bucks at the thrift store?(Productive Lunch Break)
Well here she is!! I love the layered effect!

The ONLY things in this photo actually purchased at the store....the little shelf with doors, picked up on the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby, the candle sticks, which I repainted from their original white finish were picked up at the dollar store and the plate stand is also from my favorite dollar store! (what did you expect?? I told you I'm cheap!)


I found the map this morning! In the center console of the jeep!! Sometimes I am soooo organized I confuse the real me who isn't really organized at all!!

Poopie on the map!

Mapping this weeks sales as we speak!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sometimes the Most Well Planned Outings are a BUST!

As you can see from my picture above, I was completely JAZZED up about all of the fabulous "Community Wide" garage sales this weekend! I could hardly wait for Saturday morning to roll around and then WHAM! I woke up with a humungous headache, couldn't find this fabulous map and I felt like total poooey!! I made it to only ONE of these community garage sales and then had to call it quits! I spent the remainder of the weekend in and out of bed! Yuck! Why is it that when the weather is gorgeous, I get sick?? Anyways, I was sooo bad that I didn't even unpack my car! My sweet hubby did it for me at 5 am this morning!! I did find some fun decor items and spent very little $$, so that is something to celebrate!
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Best Homecoming Queen EVER!

What a way to wrap up all of the Homecoming festivities. You simply must see this video!! For those of you who know me, you know how much I adore the DS kids! Well, this one made me cry!! Check out her sweet homecoming story! Very proud of the Texas teens who realized someone very special in their midst!

PS-Edit to this post-Some of you complained about my link! sorry! Here is the old fashioned looking link!;-p does that make you happy?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Junky Chicken!

I saw this guy at Warrenton/Roundtop this year and I just loved him! I took pictures of him cuz I was kinda crushin on him! What else could I do with a large yard art sized Rooster! I don't think the hubs would have been to happy to see that guy in the front yard!

Sooooo imagine my surprise when I found this distant (and much smaller) cousin at a garage sale this weekend for $2!!! I brought him home of course!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Check out this FREE GIVAWAY!!

Check out this FREE GIVEAWAY!!
I knew the word "FREE" would make ya sit up and take notice!

The "Rockin" Homecoming Mum

The much anticipated MUM! I spent way toooo much time working on this last week! (and the "spirit overalls" are seriously kicking my butt this week! A seamstress, I am not!)
YES! There are lights on this MUM!

The Little Missy is just a teeny, tiny bit of a Twilight fan...can you tell?

Mom's FAV-O-rite button! heehee

Had to add this button!! Cuz you know I AM SOOO BLOGGING THIS!!