Monday, October 27, 2008

One Day in MY Shoes!

My new found friend at Memoirs of a Southern Domestic Goddess tagged me sooo I need to let my readers "peak" into a day in my life!..guess I could have told you about one of the weekend days when I cleaned house or cooked a pot roast and made my self look a little bit better but....this is more of a "normal" day in the life of ME!!!

4:30 AM-The hubs is up getting ready for work soooooo surely that means it’s time for Harley to go potty, right?? That seems to be the misapprehension he is under!! (In case you are visiting here…Harley is my “other son” the 5 yr old terrier mix that sleeps between me and the hubby....Not that the hubs is particularly fond of this sleeping arrangement)!
5:00 AM-Hubby kisses my bye
5:30 AM-Justin Timberlake wakes me up! (Ringtone on my blackberry…hahaha)
6:00 AM-out the door to take the little missy to Dance Practice
6:30 AM-back home and only one hour to get ready for work! Feed the dogs, take the clothes out of the dryer, make my lunch….ooops didn’t get that one done…
7:40 AM-Out the door-ten minutes late! Eeeek!
7:50 AM-Call the hubs and wish him a “Happy Day”
8:02 AM-Late for work! I hate that!! Make the coffee and settle in to my desk for work!
8:00-12:00 PM Corporate Slave
12:00 Head off to lunch with my HUBBY! It was a 2 for $2.22 lunch!! (Very economical but not very nutritious!) ok…let me explain…2 hot dogs for $2.22 at the gas station, lift the hatch on the Jeep Cherokee and sit in the back for a picnic. I love seeing my sweetie in the middle of the day!
1:00-5:00 PM-more mind numbing corporate slavedom (JP-if you are reading ignore the negative reference to my work-it's artistic liberty to keep my readers interest, teehee!)
5:00 PM-pick up the little missy
5:30 PM-Dinner with the Little Missy-Sushi-yummy!

6:30 PM-Go to High School Play with the Little Missy!!
Play Sold Out :-[

No Extra Credit for the Little Missy...cuz somebody procrastinated till the last available day to get credit on this grading period! Pootie!
7:10 PM arrived home to internet not working! double pootie! OF COURSE the little Missy also HAD TO have the internet to do an online quiz guessed it was due tomorrow!
7:30 PM-headed to the local coffee shop to use wireless internet to get homework done!! and mom can blog while LM does homework!!

9:15-arrive home exhausted to find the hubs headed to bed…poor baby probably ate a cold sandwich or such….struggle with feelings of inadequacy in the homemaking, wife department, immediately scold self for such feelings…am distracted from such feelings by Harley’s extreme excitement over my arrival! It’s not just his tail that wags…I swear his butt wags too! Hahaha!

Makes me smile!-p.s. very hard to take a picture of a dog while it's wagging!!
10:00 PM-download pics from camera and then realize....duh! don't have am I gonna get those to the blog??-Thank the lord for memory sticks!-will upload at work tomorrow! (again JP if you are reading I AM working hard in here!!)
10:30 PM-Take a shower, get ready for bed, pull dirty clothes out of hamper spray downey wrinkle releaser on them and decide “this will do” for work tomorrow.
10:52 PM-Climb in bed and kiss the hubs g’night!
10:53 PM-Fell asleep as soon as head hits the pillow!!!
There you have it folks!! Anyone else have a more exciting life??


blessed mama said...

WOW! You have quite the day little lady...Up at 5:30 (I am very impressed and a little jealous)? I can't scrape myself out of bed until at least 7:00. Heaven forbid!
What a fun post! Thanks for sharing!

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Thanks so much for your comments on my blog! this post was so much fun to read! a day in the life ;) all I can say is im exhausted reading it ;) lol...j.k you just have a great way with words !! That lunch time is so sweet too! thanks for sharing and I look forward to stopping by often!

MFull said...

You are so awesome!