Friday, October 24, 2008

Recent Visitor Map

Ok, soooo I thought you guys might be as intrigued as I am to see where the recent visitors to my blog are coming from! I saw this on a blog called Archives of Our Lives and thought "why not?" soooo in true blog-copy-what-another-blogger-did form, Here is the map of my recent Visitors:

Peru, Brazil, Egypt, Israel, Bulgaria, France, UK, Japan, Spain, Turkey, Finland....seriously??? Someone comment me from far away lands!!! I would love that!!!


Mimitoria said...

Very cool Tracey. Say, you posted on my waterski post on Junk Market Had to check out your blog and love it. Are you active on the Junk Market site? It looks like you've got great stuff and if you posted a few times, others would also check out your blog. I just happen to go backwards and check on all of my old posts today, and came across yours.
Welcome to

Camille said...

Oh, yours is way better than mine. So full and plentiful!