Friday, October 24, 2008

Garage Sale Decor

Ok Ladies!

I finally feel like I am coming back to life!! I have been sickee ickey for almost a solid week! So nice to rejoin the W.W.O.B.! (Wonderful World of Blogging!) My garage sale shopping last weekend (cut short by the onset of some strange illness that kicked my butt this week-read about it here) produced several of the decor items in the next few pics. What do you think about my new Romantic entry way??

Let me "break it down" for you;
The Lamp, lampshade, "Romance" sign, feather wreath, candle stick, gold flour de leis, and large black charger plates are all items I discovered (super duper cheap) this weekend! So cheap in fact the Hubs swears I gave him back the same amount of cash he left me for the garage sale! Haha! Not sure how that happened!??

What's funny is that as I look at these pictures....ALMOST everything in them is from a garage sale or thrift store! hahaha! Dang I'm cheap! The framed prints were picked up at a garage sale last year and the rectangle mirror also from the same garage sale! All of these frames were repainted black to match my office-These little puppies really get around. I think they have spent time in the bathroom (pre red/yellow/brown redo), in my office and now in the entry!
The large print in the middle of the wall is actually a water color of the Casa Medrona in Sausalito, California-Where me and the Hubs spent our honeymoon almost seven years ago!! (How do you spell ROMANCE?? Casa Medrona!!)

Remember the headboard that I picked up for five stinkin bucks at the thrift store?(Productive Lunch Break)
Well here she is!! I love the layered effect!

The ONLY things in this photo actually purchased at the store....the little shelf with doors, picked up on the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby, the candle sticks, which I repainted from their original white finish were picked up at the dollar store and the plate stand is also from my favorite dollar store! (what did you expect?? I told you I'm cheap!)


blessed mama said...

Okay, I am so glad that you stopped by my little neck of the woods, because I am equally enamored with yours. You have some serious garage sale-ing skills girl! I love everything on the post. Oh, one more thing, did you have your kids when you were like, 8? You look amazing for having grown kiddos. LUCKY!!!

blessed mama said...

Oh, by the way, I have been tagged & now you are it!

Kasey Hunt said...

I like the decor. I love garage sales too. They are so much fun.