Thursday, October 9, 2008


Just thought you might like to take a peek into my world right now. Can ALL this stuff come together for a ROCKIN Homecoming mum??? We shall see. This pic is how it looked this morning. I HAVE to finish it tonight! Friday is also "Royalty Day" at school sooooo the Little Missy requested a tutu (ballerina princess??? guess we are never too old for that fairy tale) soooo here is my creation. I had a blast making this! I want to make one for the dog...can you just see my dachshund wearing one of these? Thanks to Sam for showing me how to make the "no sew" tutu!

(the lamp was the only place I could think of to put it on!...Can you just picture it....the MONSTROSITY of a mum and this tutu! She definitely has some serious school spirit!)

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Sam said...

Great job on the tutu! I forgot to tell you, the tighter together they are the poofier the tutu will be. :D