Sunday, September 28, 2008


YAY!! FINALLY! I got my "Garage Sale Fix"!! I had Saturday morning ALL TO MYSELF, (Little Missy had choir workshop and Hubby had to work) soon as I dropped her off, I headed for the garage sales! I had mapquested all of my locations and hit the ground running with tons of excitement!! After several sales with claims like: "Multi-Family", "Barn Sale" and "Everything Must Go"....I had NOTHING!! I was soooo bummed! I admitted defeat and decided to stop by the fabric store to move on to another project. Then I realized it was still before 9 am! ha! No one is open on Saturday morning before 9 am!! So, as I sat at the parking lot exit.....contemplating my next move, a sign caught my eye....You guessed it..."GARAGE SALE"!! I thought about passing it up when I realized they were apartments. (I mean, how much stuff could they possibly have in apartments??) That would have been a big mistake!! Check out my full trunk after just one garage sale!!! Nothing makes momma happier than to have JUNK IN THE TRUNK! YAY!

I thought you might enjoy a closer view of some of the things I found.

All these sweet little classics at .25 cents each.

The wicker
All of
.25 cents.
What a deal!

$2.00 Wood frame mirror.

These precious chairs @ $5.00 a piece!

Two country blue chairs @ $5.00 a piece too. I'm not sure what I'll do with these. I was thinking maybe I would repaint them red andput them on each side of my front door with plants on them. What do you think?

lampshade=.25 cents and glass jars=.25 cents

Soooo when all was said and done (and garage sale lady didn't have adequate change..I spent a grand total of $32.00 for everything!!!! I was very pleased!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


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We just got Little Missy's drill team pics! Isn't she a doll??? Now that things have settled down a little bit around our house....Power is restored, most of the Hurricane Ike mess is cleaned up, and schedules are falling back in to the normalcy we are used to...I can finally stop and appreciate the fact that fall is on its way!! I love the changing seasons and all of the wonderful celebrations that come with it!! High School Football, halftime performances, soft sweaters, snugglin', hot cocoa, the changing of the leaves, Halloween, candy corn, Thanksgiving, oh my goodness I think I could go on and on and on....but I think you get the picture!! C'mon guys..take a sec today to think of all of the fun stuff fall brings our way....It's ok....I won't tell your boss you're daydreaming on the clock! heeeheee!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Picket Fence Decor

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*squeals with delight*
Check out my weekend project! Since I am in the habit of hanging strange things from the walls....why not hang a 8ft section of fence to the dining room wall? I looooove it! I worked a few hours this weekend getting the paint just right. I was more excited with each layer of paint...still can't believe how great it turned out! What ya think? Crazy Woman? or Creative Genius??

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Excuse to take Pics?

Even a disaster like Hurricane Ike presents new picture opportunities for my kids!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ike POUNCED my Picket Fence!!!

WE SURVIVED IKE!!! YAY!! Here's a few pics to give you an idea of the damage Ike did to our little picket fence homestead! Guess this is reason enough for not blogging for a whole week!! Check out the second picture, this is my son's room!! Thank God he wasn't in there! We are still without electricity but WE ARE TOUGH TEXANS and can do with out. It has forced our family to spend more time together! YAY!
Hugs till next post!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I got JUNK, yes I do! I got JUNK- how bout you?

As promised....some of my favorite finds! 1)silver bucket-50 cents at my local thrift store 2)super soft luxurious hand towels-$1.25 ea on the 80% off rack at department store 3)wonderfully worn white frames-$2.00 for the pair at garage sale 4)cutest blue rooster EVER!- also only $2.00 at garage sale! 5)marvelous red candle stick- $4.80 on clearance rack at department store 6)paper mache piggy that I decoupaged with a beautiful toile tissue paper.......are you ready for was marked down from .25 cents to .5 cents at a garage sale!! love it!

I Love finding a great deal! There is a certain buzz I get from a successful day of treasure hunting! You know, it doesn't mater if you enjoy the eclectic look of the slightly worn and faded, or if you firmly believe in recycling or perhaps you are more like me...on a very tight budget and still determined to make my house a can do it with very little money! No matter your long as you are having fun and experiencing the thrill of the hunt...KEEP ON JUNKIN'!!!

Hugs till next post!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Jonesing for a good junkin' trip!

I missed my opportunity do some serious junkin' this weekend! Garage sales, Estate sales, thrift it the weekend yet??

Maybe showing you guys some of my past "deals" will make it all better. Tonight, I will take some pics!! Yay! Something I can get excited about!! (cuz this stack of paperwork on my desk is soooooo not doing it for me!)

Hugs till next post!

HOW many days till the weekend?????

This is my cross-eyed kitty! I think this is how I feel today! I want another 4 day work week!!! Could somebody please sprinkle some pooka dust or something and make that happen for me???

Hugs till next post!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Friday Night Lights!

High School Football season is here! YAY! If you want to find me on Friday nights you'll have to head down to the football stadium! We love it! Especially half time when little missy gets to strut her stuff!

Does anyone else enjoy the Friday night Lights quite like we do here in Texas??

Hugs till next post!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cheap N Easy in the Kitchen!

CHEAP N EASY in the Kitchen.....We're talking about the mistreaments, girls.....shame on you! heehee

I threw these babies up in a matter of minutes....extra long, lace trimmed pillow cases I picked up at an Estate Sale for .25 cents each!!! I tore patience for cutting.... down the seams and then used the hotti (glue gun) to make a fold over seam for the curtain rod to go in. The ties are simply extra fabric cut in strips with the pinking shears! see...CHEAP N EASY in the kitchen!

Check out the other repurposed cuties in these pics! The percolator lamp and my personal favorite, the wine bottle candle holder! (heeeheee guess who had to drink that bottle to so I could do this project!?)

Hugs till next post,

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I KNOW....Mistreatin' is supposed to be windows but, c'mon these are some great examples of some SERIOUS mistreatments! I am a "think outside the box" kind of girl...soooo take a look at all the things I mistreated in this room....or for you new generation eco friendly guys...all of the things I "re-purposed".

First, that B-E-A-utiful fence post cap that I mistreated with a little decopouged toile tissue paper! pop a candle with cute bow on top and voila!

then....don't you know the husbands jaw dropped when I requested he screw the crates to the wall so I could put soaps toilet paper and washcloths in them!! It turned out better than I had imagined! (pics just don't do it justice..honestly!)

And what about the lamp up there? loveeee it!

Can anyone find my toile paper mache piggy?

This room makes me smile!
Hugs till next post!

Celebrating Meagan's 22nd Birthday

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We celebrated Meagan's 22nd Birthday! I love being with my family. My kids make me smile. Can you tell we are all a little bit nuts?? Not a sane one in the bunch!

Hugs till next post