Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I got JUNK, yes I do! I got JUNK- how bout you?

As promised....some of my favorite finds! 1)silver bucket-50 cents at my local thrift store 2)super soft luxurious hand towels-$1.25 ea on the 80% off rack at department store 3)wonderfully worn white frames-$2.00 for the pair at garage sale 4)cutest blue rooster EVER!- also only $2.00 at garage sale! 5)marvelous red candle stick- $4.80 on clearance rack at department store 6)paper mache piggy that I decoupaged with a beautiful toile tissue paper.......are you ready for this.....it was marked down from .25 cents to .5 cents at a garage sale!! love it!

I Love finding a great deal! There is a certain buzz I get from a successful day of treasure hunting! You know, it doesn't mater if you enjoy the eclectic look of the slightly worn and faded, or if you firmly believe in recycling or perhaps you are more like me...on a very tight budget and still determined to make my house a home....you can do it with very little money! No matter your motives....as long as you are having fun and experiencing the thrill of the hunt...KEEP ON JUNKIN'!!!

Hugs till next post!

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