Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cheap N Easy in the Kitchen!

CHEAP N EASY in the Kitchen.....We're talking about the mistreaments, girls.....shame on you! heehee

I threw these babies up in a matter of minutes....extra long, lace trimmed pillow cases I picked up at an Estate Sale for .25 cents each!!! I tore patience for cutting.... down the seams and then used the hotti (glue gun) to make a fold over seam for the curtain rod to go in. The ties are simply extra fabric cut in strips with the pinking shears! see...CHEAP N EASY in the kitchen!

Check out the other repurposed cuties in these pics! The percolator lamp and my personal favorite, the wine bottle candle holder! (heeeheee guess who had to drink that bottle to so I could do this project!?)

Hugs till next post,

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