Sunday, September 28, 2008


YAY!! FINALLY! I got my "Garage Sale Fix"!! I had Saturday morning ALL TO MYSELF, (Little Missy had choir workshop and Hubby had to work) soon as I dropped her off, I headed for the garage sales! I had mapquested all of my locations and hit the ground running with tons of excitement!! After several sales with claims like: "Multi-Family", "Barn Sale" and "Everything Must Go"....I had NOTHING!! I was soooo bummed! I admitted defeat and decided to stop by the fabric store to move on to another project. Then I realized it was still before 9 am! ha! No one is open on Saturday morning before 9 am!! So, as I sat at the parking lot exit.....contemplating my next move, a sign caught my eye....You guessed it..."GARAGE SALE"!! I thought about passing it up when I realized they were apartments. (I mean, how much stuff could they possibly have in apartments??) That would have been a big mistake!! Check out my full trunk after just one garage sale!!! Nothing makes momma happier than to have JUNK IN THE TRUNK! YAY!

I thought you might enjoy a closer view of some of the things I found.

All these sweet little classics at .25 cents each.

The wicker
All of
.25 cents.
What a deal!

$2.00 Wood frame mirror.

These precious chairs @ $5.00 a piece!

Two country blue chairs @ $5.00 a piece too. I'm not sure what I'll do with these. I was thinking maybe I would repaint them red andput them on each side of my front door with plants on them. What do you think?

lampshade=.25 cents and glass jars=.25 cents

Soooo when all was said and done (and garage sale lady didn't have adequate change..I spent a grand total of $32.00 for everything!!!! I was very pleased!!


FlipFlop Mom said...

OH.. GREAT finds!! You did very well!!

Kasey Hunt said...

You and my Mom could be sisters!!! She is all for finding bargains!! I am too, just don't have that much time with two little ones!! You go girl!!