Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I KNOW....Mistreatin' is supposed to be windows but, c'mon these are some great examples of some SERIOUS mistreatments! I am a "think outside the box" kind of girl...soooo take a look at all the things I mistreated in this room....or for you new generation eco friendly guys...all of the things I "re-purposed".

First, that B-E-A-utiful fence post cap that I mistreated with a little decopouged toile tissue paper! pop a candle with cute bow on top and voila!

then....don't you know the husbands jaw dropped when I requested he screw the crates to the wall so I could put soaps toilet paper and washcloths in them!! It turned out better than I had imagined! (pics just don't do it justice..honestly!)

And what about the lamp up there? loveeee it!

Can anyone find my toile paper mache piggy?

This room makes me smile!
Hugs till next post!

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Anonymous said...

So, when are you going to decorate my house?