Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sometimes We JUST NEED TO BE quiet!

Something really struck me today....Sometimes I just need to be quiet!
This morning in the usual "morning routine", I let the dogs out (fence is STILL not repaired all the way-see post here about that!) and after putting out food and water on our enclosed back porch I yelled out those magical words that always make my pups come a runnin! CHEEEZ!!and TREAT!! The boys quickly appeared anxiously awaiting their cheez treat! But little mini missy, Lilly was no where to be found! I yelled.....I called.....I bribed "TREAT"...."CHEEEEZ" but no Lilly!!! I walked through the neighbors yard yelling her name....When all was said and done I spent over 45 minutes, crying, calling, yelling, bribing, driving in my car with the windows down in 43 degree weather with my head poked out the window calling for my lost baby!! And did I mention crying, calling my husband while sobbing, calling in "late" to work, wondering how in the heck am I gonna explain to the Little Missy that her baby is gone?? Yes.....sooooo much drama soooo early in the morning!!
Once I finally gave up and decided I HAD to get to work, I loaded my things in the car and took one last look around and then.....I heard it....little Lilly cries from under the house!!!! I had recently added more bricks to the front porch to keep those nasty racoons out from under our house and apparently Lilly was able to find a way in but couldn't find her way out!! All of my fretting, crying, screaming, calling.............Sometimes I just need to be quiet!

Powerful Lesson

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