Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

WOW! Please forgive me for the HUMONGOUS gap in my blogging!! I am afraid the holidays and all of the hustle and bustle have kept me busier than I intended!! Not to mention the new toy that the hubs got me has become my obsession!! I have been playing a lot!! and can hardly wait to show you guys the pics of the aprons for our New Years Day Tamale Making Party!!!

I hope santa brought you every little thing your heart desires! I know the Hubs did REAL good this year!! He bought me pj's, a robe, a red teapot....squeals were heard when that one was opened!!, a watch, a coat and yes the sewing machine!! WOW! I think I am one SPOILED woman!!

Lotsa Love, Hugs and Best Wishes for the New Year!!

ps...resolutions this year?? YES-I always do.... or NO-why bother I'll break them all??.....just wonderin'


Janene said...

Tracey~Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!
Stop by my blog after the 1st and see my resolution!
Looking forward to seeing the aprons! Mmmmm I want a tamale! Save me one!

bec said...

YAY for updates! :) Happy New Year!

PS - My take on resolutions: why wait until the first of the year if you want to make a change in yourself?

FlipFlop Mom said...

Oh.. I've MISSED YOU!!! Everytime I hear "twilight" I think of you!! and I guess that's a lot.. LOL LOL!!!

Have you gone thrift shopping?? any finds.. golly I wish we lived closer.... I know we would have a blast doing it!!

Oh.. yeah.. I'll drop you my addy so you can mail me that apron**coughcough* that you're going to make me... **wink wink**

Actually I can't wait to see the pics!!!! Have fun!!

Tammi lil sis in law said...

got pics of the too cutie aprons you made..emailing them...mm mmm yummy tamales too!
XOXO luvs ya

Elyse said...

gosh, i have to start using my sewing machine already. it was my last year's christmas present and i still haven't made anything! not one thing. i have pattern-math-phobia. maybe you will inspire me and sewing something can be one of my many fun resolutions (like more music playing in the house). xo