Monday, December 1, 2008


Oh how I've missed my bloggy friends!! I have sooooo much reading to do, to see what all of you have been up to!! I had no intention of dropping off the face of the blogosphere for my whole vacation, it just sorta happened that way!

Excuse #1 for lack of blogging: home internet was having signal problems and kept going up and down....worse than dial up! Not worth the trouble!

Excuse #2 for lack of blogging:
One of these little guys found in my house caused me to go into a cleaning, bleaching, scrubbing every inch of my house psycho frenzy!!! (Imagine me and the Little Missy....sqeeling while hubby holds up trapped rodent and makes little mousy voices!! Didn't help that the nasty little thing died in what seemed to be a praying position! "Dear baby Jesus....can I just have one taste of that pumpkin pie....please baby Jesus" get the picture the hubs had great fun with that one!)

Excuse #3 for lack of blogging: spent way tooooo much time on food preparation!! I would say at least 1/4 of my vacation time was spent cooking!! But look at this guy...
there was only one left on the plate before we thought to take a picture! My cream cheese penguins were a real hit!!!

I am sooo glad to be back in the swing of things....wish I had one more week to really play with crafty stuff since I spent sooo much time either preparing for company or cleaning up after company!! regrets! we had a blast!!

we are a picture takin' kind of family...what can I say?

crazy sis n law gets in on the picture action!!


Elyse said...

your little penguin is great!!!

Janene said...

Sure missed your posts!
Thought maybe you got lost at the theater after watching "Twilight"!
That was the last I had heard from you!
Your penguin and pictures are adorable.
Glad your back!
Have a great week!

Sandy Toes said...

cream cheese! that is creative!
-sandy toes

mishebe said...

I have thought about those Penguins all weekend how did u make them? I want to make them too. mishelle