Saturday, December 6, 2008

If You're Cheap and Ya Know It, Say AMEN!

If you're cheap and you know it, then your wallet'll surely show it. If you're cheap and you know it, say AMEN! AMEN!

You will not believe all of the things I found today!!

Wonderful hardback books for me and the Hubs!

A twenty piece china set for $5.00!!

Neato birdcage.....

and great oval mirror! DIRT CHEAP!!

and then....kitty had to get into the picture! recipe card holder...for 50 cents!

great suitcase for $3 and fabulous fabric for 50 cents!!!! And those absolutely fabulous blue and ivory balls are not actually garage sale finds.....but 70% off at Michaels...and that at least deserves a mention!!

close ups of some of the great fabrics my 50 cents got me!!!

More of my 70% off at Michaels!! and the big dark brown pillow in the background was $2.00!!

and this is the kicker.....for $3.00 I ended up with 3 HUGE bags of these fabric pieces.....hmmmm wonder what I will come up with for these??? we'll see.....
I had a blast today...took my time and really only brought home things I really wanted...what fun!


Janene said...

Tracey~OMG! I love your finds!!
Your fabric was a real bargain~
My Mom has those plates and someday I get to have them...They are my favorite!!
I want that recipe holder and the cat!!
I could think of a million things to do with that birdcage (and they are all legal!) LOL
I want to go shopping with you!
Have a nice weekend~

Jen r. said...

Love the mirror and the birdcage! Great finds!

Elyse said...

nicely done! the birdcage is very cool. what will you do with it? fun!!!

Mandy said...

I love Nicholas Sparks - I cant believe what great garage sale finds you found here in Texas in December!

FlipFlop Mom said...

OOOHHH OOHHHH I WANT the recipe holder.. I'll trade you.. I'll trade you!!!!

FlipFlop Mom said...

Oh.. I forgot...