Friday, December 5, 2008

Garage Sale Season is NOT dead in TEXAS!!!!

Ok guys....this is a strange phenomenon!! I have been an avid garage sale enthusiast for years and this is the first time I can remember 26 garage sales in the first week of December!!! I don't know if it is because of the economy?? Maybe, people are trying to raise a little Christmas cashola?? I Don't know the reason, I just know that it makes me happier than a fly on dung...ok maybe that was a bad bout happier than a coondog on a bare leg....ewww that was vulgar...sorry..let me try again....happier than a pig in slop.....well... you get the picture!!!!

I discovered a really cool app that helps me to easily map all of my garage sale addresses on one map. Way cool! Thought you guys might like to check it out. (maybe you could use it to hit all of your favorite thrift stores, or maybe all of the Christmas deals!)

Go to and enter one address on each line in the box provided. You can even add descriptions (I add numbers to keep them all straight) by simply typing {} these around your note. I love this thing!! I have used it several times! Here's what my map for this weekend looks like:

Try it out!! (then come back and thank me or ELSE!!)

For all you blog you know the general vicinity where I live! heeheee


Janene said...

I hope you post your garage sale goodies!
And what are you making with those rag balls?

Raspberry Lemonade said...

This is a great tip! We having a giveaway, I am trying to collect different peanut butter sandwiches recipes. My husaband and I are considering opening a peanut butter sandwich shop so we are trying to find out some favorites! Please help!