Monday, December 8, 2008

Rag Balls

Janene at Primitive Lifestyle taught me how to make rag balls! She is the sweetest thing! I just love her!!

See how they came out:

I just love them! They are perfect for my country Christmas decor!
I am actually using the smaller ones as finials on my new curtain rods in the living room....I'll show you as soon as I get them all finished!! (did anyone notice the pretty red floral fabric from my garage sale deals?? last post?)

They are sooo simple to make! If you want a more primitive country look, tear strips of fabric and then wrap a styrofoam ball until the whole surface is covered. Or if you are like me and totally addicted to your pinking shears....cut thin stips of fabric with the pinkies and then wrap each Styrofoam ball, securing the ends with a simple straight pin....and VOILA! You have ragballs!


Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Those are so so cute! I love the colors too and had no idea they would be that easy!! Thanks for sharing!!

Happy Holidays! ~ Cynthia ~

Janene said...

Love yours~They turned out so nice...I love the red floral fabric. Great garage sale find!

Elyse said...

these are great and look so easy and fun. i will put them on my list -- after ragamuffin garland!

Magnolia Memories08 said...

I love them rag balls. They are the
cutest yet. Are they fast and easy.
I need a homemade gift like quick!!!!

mishebe said...

cute, cute cute.

Anna Sophia said...

I love 'em! Check out my blog, I have mine on there too! :-) Oh how lucky you are to have yard sales! How I wish we still had them. But some people just don't seem to like selling in the snow... go figure!

Angie said...

So adorable :) I've been making rag balls tonight and wanted to check out how other people had done them.