Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Aqua and Chocolate

If you have followed my posts for any time at all, you may have noticed I am slightly crushing on all things Aqua Blue and Chocolate Brown!!
This is the color theme in my bedroom and I had hoped I would be able to "show off" my bedroom soon....but...it just isn't quite ready to show you guys! Since all of my crafty/home decorating stuff happens in my spare time *uproarious laughter breaks out* when I'm not cooking , cleaning, chauffeuring, doing laundry or working at the ole' 9-5er...It takes me longer than most to finish up my projects! Besides, the suspense is good for you guys! Sooooo....I thought I should at least show you some of the fabulous blue and brown things I have made/found/stole....just checkin' to see if you're listening...for my bedroom.

Remember the birdcage and pretty aqua, brown and cream balls that I told you about this weekend??

Aren't they gorgeous?? I love it!! Can you spot a few new balls in there??

YOU ARE GOOD! Yes..the one with the zig zag aqua blue thread is another rag ball!! It is the cut from the hem of a skirt! (one that I no longer wear, silly!)

...and what about this little beauty?? I used some leftover ribbon from my ragamuffin garland...what?.....what's that you say?....... I didn't show you my garland??? Bad! BAD! Tracey!!

Well, here she is in all of her aqua and chocolate glory!!

Isn't that just 5 feet of chocolate and aqua bliss!! I am soooo glad the Nester showed us how to do these!!!

And here's a little dooo dad that I haven't hung up yet. I forgot I did this over my "productive" ha! vacation! Check out all of the lovelies that Bec made on her blog, Beyond the Picket Fence!!


Janene said...

Okay, Tracey, I thought that I claimed ownership of that bird cage when you posted about it!
You would love what I just finished in my Katie's room...it too is aqua and chocolate!
I will post about it soon!

Jimmy Eldridge said...

You are so creative. Lil cutie!

I love you!

bec4 said...

Tracey--I love it all. The birdcage is divine! Thanks for the shout out too Ü.

Sandy Toes said...

I love those balls in the cage..very very cute!! Love the colors!
-sandy toes

bec said...

SOOOOO pretty!!

Lula! said...

Oh. Wow.

Love this! Love aqua and chocolate, too...my sister-in-law gave me an aqua and chocolate brown monogrammed travel mug for my birthday...it's totally fabulous. If I ever find one with a "T" on it, it's YOURS! :)

FlipFlop Mom said...

OH.. I can't wait to see the end results.. CAN'T WAIT!!