Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Letter of Thanks

A letter of Thanks to my Husband-the man who’s voice makes all of heaven stop and listen, whose heart is a rare find in this world, whose love is fierce and his loyalty unmatched.

Thank you sweetheart, for all of the sacrifices, both great and small, that you make for me. I am so grateful for the dishes washed, trash taken out, for the hot coffee waiting when I open my eyes in the morning, for the “straightened” sheets when I’m ready for bed, for the sweet kiss goodbye in the morning and the huge hugs that mark our greetings in the afternoon, for the stolen moments of your sweet touch, for the times I’ve caught you watching me sleep, for taking the dog out when I’m scared of the dark, for saving this damsel in distress from the crazy raccoon that has taken up residence on our porch. Thank you for the countless hours you spend at work to bring home the bacon! Have I ever told you how thankful I am to have found a man with such a tremendous heart as yours? Never before have I met someone so strong and yet so tender. I absolutely love the way you can always find “just” the right card that will make me cry! How do you do that? Thank you for the extra money found on my car seat on the mornings when you know I have spent way more than I should have. For putting up with that little dog who always wedges himself between us, for patiently listening to my rants about nothing at all. For all of the long “dream weaving” sessions…..there’s nothing I love more than planning and dreaming about our future together……well except maybe living today with you. Yes, today….will all of its disappointments, heartaches, financial stress, and all of the other junk…..with you here it is not only bearable but somehow, in some crazy way, enjoyable!! Thank you baby!


Janene said...

Tracey~What a great tribute to the man that makes your heart flutter and your toes curl!

mishebe said...

What a great post for hubby. Great words too. Mishelle

MFull said...

WOW. That made me cry.
You are both so awesome. You two together can take this mean and nasty world!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

What a wonderful man he must be. You are so lucky.

Jimmy said...

Thank you baby for loving me so much. I never knew what unconditional love could be like from another person...till you.

I love you more than anything in the world.