Monday, November 17, 2008

Did I mention.....

Did I mention that I only have a four day work-week this week?? I am on vacation beginning Friday and I won’t return to the ole 9-5-er job until the Monday after turkey day!! I have soooo much to do! I have been working to do all of the chores (cleaning, laundry, etc..) In hopes that on my time off I can actually kick back, read a good book, craft to my heart’s content and blog all I want!!! I’m sure this is just a pipe dream but none the less, I am a busy girl as I work hard so I can rest…does that make any sense?? NOT!

Did I also happen to mention THE TWILIGHT MOVIE is also coming out in 4 Days?? Hmmm…how DID I forget this??? The Little Missy and I will be camping out in front of the movie theater for the very first showing at 12:01!! Yes, that’s after midnight!! No, I AM NOT too old to stay up that late!! No, I won’t have to take a nap…Stoppit!


Janene said...

You are WAY too funny!
I have never heard of that movie.
What is it about? I so love to go to the movie theater. When Joe and I were dating we went to a new movie every weekend. That was ages ago, but none the less, I do miss it!!
Enjoy your last 4 days of work! I hope they go fast for you!!!

bec4 said...

Tracey, I had not heard of Twilight either until this past weekend. Apparently you have to have a teenage girl to have heard about it (which it looks like you do Ü). The hangy thingy I used was a sawtooth hanger, but I used screws dipped in glue to put he hanger on. You also could drill directly through the piece into the wall, and then cover the screw head up with a little piece of the scrapbook paper. I am glad you found my blog so I could find yours--it is great. Good name too!