Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday-NOT!

1 Day 13 hours and 37 minutes till TWILIGHT!!!!

This morning after dropping the Little Missy at school at 7 am, I headed to Walmart before coming in to work. I found all of the TWILIGHT supplies we will need for camping out in front of the theater tomorrow!!! It is supposed to get cold here....finally! as low as 38 degrees...YES that's cold for us Texans!!

Am I a cool mom or what??


Janene said...

You are definately a COOL Mom!!


MFull said...

I dont know if I agree with that cool mom thing.
The way I see it you are one HOT MAMA!!
Love you girl!

Jimmy Eldridge said...

I will have to agree with are ONE HOT MAMA!

Love you baby!

FlipFlop Mom said...

Ok.. I had to giggle.. I haven't read any of the twighlight books.. and.. shhh don't tell anyone.. I probably won't either.. tee hee..

It was a balmy 29 degrees here today.. Ü

Heather said...

SOOOO Cool! I am excited to see it too. We have our tickets for Saturday night. Have fun!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog too. I love meeting new bloggy friends, and I LOVE your rag lamp. TOO CUTE!

Mandy said...

Just wanted to say have fun tonight at the movies! Bundle up - this Texas weather can be crazy!