Thursday, November 6, 2008

This Girl Makes Me Smile!

This is my Michelle....

Yes, she is MINE and you can't have her!! This girl drives the sweetest little Mini Cooper you ever did see!!! She makes me smile soooo much my mouth hurts! I just want the world to know that I am prematurely showing laugh lines and I am sure time with her is to blame!!

Here's an email convo we had today....funny shhhtuff, I tell ya!
ME: Good thing we're not going to lunch today...pooooey on the weather!
Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!!

Michelle: I still have to drive. =(

Me: I'll pray for a sweet little mini angel to watch over your sweet little mini car! So your mini butt won't get into any mini accidents! Ha sorry couldn't resist!

Michelle: Mini Thanks. I need every mini prayer possible. =) You rock in a XL-Mini way!

ME:Was that a mini fat joke? I may be a mini-bit offended!!

Michelle:Well I wanted to say you rock in a mini way, but that sound toooooo small, cause you do ROCK!!!!! in a big way. I guess I mini failed. HAHA =)


blessed mama said...

I have a Michelle too that is my fave gal! Those Michelles are is nice to have someone with the same sense of humor, isn't it? Have a great day!

MFull said...

You are so a part of our family. Why do we not ever see you guys at holiday gatherings??

Jimmy said...

You two are so funny!