Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Teen Hijacked my Camera!!!

Ok guys...I DO have things to show you but.....it seems that the Little Missy has hijacked my camera!! Sooooo...until she returns it, I will just embarrass her by posting her self portraiture!!(is that a word??)

Yes...she wears this green bandanna everywhere!! even out to dinner!

potty shot....don't ask!

not bad for taking it herself..huh?

more potty shots!!

THERE!! Now, maybe I will get my camera back!!!!


Anonymous said...

Does your daughter wear colored contacts? I would kill for eyes like that, lucky lucky girl lol.


Janene said...

That is way too funny and way too faimiliar!
I love embarassing my girls with stuff like that. I feel it is my job as a Mom.
I love your blog. I am now going to add you to my blog roll.
Thank you for visiting mine and leaving me a comment.


bec said...

She is SO pretty!!