Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tea Time!

I wanted to show you these the other day but My teenager hijacked my camera!!
This was my Dollar Store project this weekend! I attached magnets to the back of the silverware to make these cute memo boards!!

We are always looking for ways to add storage space to my teensy little kitchen. This weekend we moved a bookshelf in there. What do you think about my sweet little tea shelf??

Little Missy thinks they are very Alice in Wonderlandish!!

What cha think? Alice in Wonderland? or Cute as a button??


Lula! said...

Definitely Alice in Wonderland...I love it. You need to open a store...'cause you've got the knack for this kind of thing. I would so shop there!

Janene said...

I bet my kitchen is smaller than yours!
Let's compare!!


Raspberry Lemonade said...

thank you for stopping by @ Raspberry Lemonade! Super cute!

mishebe said...

Hi thanks for visiting my blog. i have added u to my list. Love that red toile piggy. very cute. mishelle

bec said...

SO cute! You need to find a little top hat and put a ticket in it so it looks like the Mad Hatter stopped by!