Sunday, November 2, 2008

Harleys, Brothers and Lots of LOVE!!

Last night the hubs and our oldest baby spent the afternoon (and well into the evening )at a benefit for my brother in law. He was in a near fatal motorcycle accident in August of this year. We really had a great time and they raised a whole lot of money to help his family with the unsurmountable medical bills!

John is an amazing guy with a heart of gold! We had a blast hanging out with his motorcycle "brothers" and enjoying the music from OTL. These guys were great!

This beauty is Steven's (OTL lead singer)fiancee! Cybelle you're a cutie!

It was soooo wonderful to see how many people, literally from all walks of life who came together to support this cause!

ps girls......this is one of my brother in laws who is about to be "on the market" again! I'm sure they'll be waiting in line for this one! What a catch!


Jimmy said...

That was a great time. The music was good..Stalemind was good and OTL was awesome! My boys rocked the house.
The folks from PorVida are some of the best people in the world. What a great family to be a part of.
AND the best thing is I got to hang out with my best girl all night!

Stephen said...

it was awesome to be a part of a great cause and to know how much it means for our friends and family to come together when one of our own needs help!!
It was nice to stand back and watch what was happening the whole night!